Privacy Policy

Keeper of the register

Company name: InConClean Ltd.

VAT number: 3200395-1

Address: Pitkäkatu 46 B 20, FIN-65100 VAASA

Contact person for register matters

Janne Harju

Phone: +358 (0)50 51 66 856



Name of register

InConClean´s customer register


Purpose of personal details

We do collect, file, and treat personal details in a legal way. The main purpose by collecting personal details is to be able to offer services, fulfil agreements, maintain marketing, monitor how our services are used, and to fulfil legal requirements.


Type of information content in the register

Following information can be treated in the register:

  • First-, and family names
  • Contact details
  • Language skills


Regular sources of information

We are mainly collecting personal details from our customers in connection with use of our services and webpage, i.e. by completing electronic forms or subscribing for our newsletter.


Protection of the register

The content of the register is protected by generally accepted technical tools. Only the dedicated keeper of the register, and its employees who have specifically been dedicated, do have access to the information stored in the register.


The right to control, ban, or amend

Reviewing or updating the register is done by contacting our customer support by e-mail or by phone +358 (0)50 51 66 856.