Would you need effective laser cleaning of any surface? For example, rust removal or preparation for coating?

Environmentally friendly industrial cleaning by laser

Would you need industrial multi-purpose cleaning by laser to prepare any surface for coating or restoring? Are you interested in a more environmentally friendly, clean, and quiet way of industrial cleaning that works well on most types of surfaces? Are you operating in sensitive environments, or do you need sensitive surfaces to be cleaned without using chemicals?

This is exactly when laser cleaning is the best option!

Multi-purpose cleaning

Multi-purpose cleaning by laser is an effective, clean, and environmentally friendly method compared to traditional options like chemical cleaning, mechanical grinding, or blasting by grit, soda, or dry ice.

Environmentally friendly

Because of the contact-free cleaning method, laser cleaning does have a minimal impact on the surface and material to be cleaned. This contributes to a clean and healthy working environment with reduced health-, safety-, and environmental risks.

Our customers

Our customers are found in industries like plastic-, steel-, workshop-, shipping-, energy-, offshore-, food-, and printing industry, as well as other environmentally certified organizations who prioritises a reduction of the environmental footprint in every single step of their operation. We do also offer private customers (B2C) the same effective and clean method of rust removal or cleaning of any item of different size and material.


InConClean is located in Vaasa, Finland, but is operating in a close to unlimited geographical area. We are flexible, mobile, and do serve our customers on several different languages. By the innovative laser cleaning method, we can remove most types of dirt or contamination like for example rust, grease, stains, paint, a.s.o. from most types of surfaces and materials, like for example steel-, rubber-, plastic-, glass-, concrete-, or wooden surfaces.

Fast and effective cleaning

A cleaner way of industrial multi-purpose cleaning, at a greater efficiency

We are happy to come to you to demonstrate this innovative laser cleaning technology.