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Janne Harju

CEO / Captain

InConClean – Environmentally friendly laser cleaning

InConClean was established in 2021 by Marine Captain Janne Harju. Mr. Harju is the owner and CEO of the business, and he has experience from international business environment due to the years spent offshore working for international oil companies in the marine industry. The business is located in Vaasa, Finland, but the operating area is close to unlimited because of its flexibility and mobility. Disregard the small size of the company, we do offer a wide range of competences.


Our mission is to provide a “cleaner way of heavy-duty multi-purpose industry cleaning, at a higher level of efficiency”.


Our vision is to reduce the environmental footprint of industrial cleaning operations, increase efficiency, and promote a cleaner working environment with less risk exposure regarding health and safety for the operators. All these factors will contribute to greater sustainability of our, and our customer´s business, and InConClean will provide an excellent customer experience. On a long-term view, this business is supposed to grow and expand to other countries.

Core values:

  1. We believe in environmentally friendly operations
  2. We believe in sustainability through innovations
  3. We believe in reliability and flexibility
  4. We believe work related injuries can be avoided

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